About Horse Talents

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Feel on top of the world when on horse-back?

Our clients are sharing our love for this most aesthetic of all animals. They have high expectations of what their horse should be like and want to be given a choice. It is our aim to identify the characteristics you are looking for and offer the exact that!

You have found THE specialist, spoiling you for choice!

Our services are widely sought in over 14 countries in the world. We have been selling horses to Mexico, Brazil, VAE, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, the US, Spain, and many other places.

We pride ourselves in finding the best suitable match from foal up to a successful Champion. Sport horses bred in Europe are our business.

Look no further than HORSE TALENTS!

Feel free to contact us for further information and enjoy the ride on this page, which pays homage to all the talented horses we were able to discover and could bring together with their new owners.

Kerstin Illing