“Horse Talents” offers one-stop full service

  • Horse search
  • Video information
  • Try-out journey
  • Vet check co-ordination
  • Export paperwork
  • Frozen semen export

Here at “Horse Talents” we provide you with the following services

  • Individual search for sport horses and sport ponies for jumping, dressage, hunters and eventers
  • Search for broodmares, foals and approved breeding stallions, according to your needs
  • Video taping of possible candidates to facilitate a pre-selection of suitable horses of your choice
  • Language assistance – we speak English, Spanish, German and understand French and Portuguese
  • Worry free travel – we arrange all of your travel in Germany and other parts of Europe to find the perfect horse for you
  • Export support for the horse to your home country (we coordinate with veterinarians, shipment agencies, import agents, etc.)
  • Frozen semen export of approved stallions

You can count on “Horse Talents”

  • We listen to your needs and stay within your budget
  • We accompany you during your look-see trip and provide translation, if necessary, when communicating with breeders and horse owners
  • We pride ourselves on transparent, honest work
  • We work independent and have no contract with any breeding organizations or horse-sellers
  • We serve you to cover your needs

We encourage you to call or e-mail for more detailed information on our services and costs.